If you have seen the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” or “Balenciaga and Spain” exhibition, you probably didn’t notice the mannequins that were wearing the breathtaking creations.

But without mannequins, a clothing exhibition is not impactful or dramatic – no matter how masterful the designs. The red gown in the photo above, would not look the same on a hanger.

When one museum realized they needed to buy brand new mannequins in order to properly host these exhibitions, they contacted Mannequin Madness to recycle their old mannequins.

Besides the sheer numbers of mannequins they had for us to recycle (over 100), the real surprise was that most of these mannequins were vintage Adel Rootstein mannequins (with a few Wolf and Vine’s mixed in).

These vintage mannequins are in surprisingly good shape, given their age. Some of them even have glass eyes  – something you rarely see anymore in mannequins. But the museum had all the mannequins painted over in shades of yellow or lavender, so the realistic qualities of these mannequins is lost.

Many of our customers who have purchased them (one collector brought 20) are having them refinished. And considering that we are selling them at the bargain price of between $175-$250, it then makes affordable to get these girls restored to their original glory.

If you are interested in purchasing these or want to come to our warehouse in Oakland Ca to see them in person, contact us at sales@mannequinmadness.com. We can send you photos of what we have in stock (they aren’t posted on our website) along with pricing info.


  1. please send us pictures and prices of what you have available in the vintage mannequins and also do you have a recommendation for someone in central or southern california that refurbishes these. tx u

  2. Lou MacNaughton

    I am interested in your vintage mannequins. Do I visit a website for photos or do you email them?
    Curious also about the shipping fees to Texas, zip 78616.
    Thanks so Much and Happy 4th of July,

    • Our vintage mannequins are under our “used” mannequin section on our website: http://mannequinmadness.com/categories/MANNEQUINS-%252d-USED-/
      There are two pages of products, and our inventory changes all the time. Prices and shipping info is on each item. If you are looking for a specific style or brand and don’t see it, send me an email with your wish list. Some of our specialty vintage items never make it to our website, as they get purchased by collectors who have sent us their wishlist. They receive an email when we get in new products.