poster by Kyla Hollis

There is a saying “you can kill more flies with honey than with vinegar” and while I try to abide by this whenever I am confronted with something unpleasant, I can’t say I am always successful. Sometimes you just can’t be sweet when you are angry.

But if you are a person who is fed up with the unrealistic standards of beauty that the media places on women to entice us to buy more products (best case scenario) and loathe our bodies (worst case scenario), I found an organization that is combating this with sweetness instead of bitterness.

poster by Sarah Neuser

Love your Body is an organization that is finding all kinds of creative and educational ways to get women to love their bodies. They have an entire page on their website full of ideas and links to other websites on “what you can do to love your body”.  They sponsor a poster contest every year for creating positive self image messages for women (some of which are in this blog posting)

Poster by Jeanette Davis

One of my favorite pages on their site is The ABC’s and D’s of commercial images of women which is a slide show of various ways advertisers promote unrealistic standards of sex and beauty to sell products. Seeing all the images one after the other is quite disturbing.

The reason I am so passionate about this organization and their campaign to help women love their body is because I work with mannequins. Mannequins are all about unrealistic standards of beauty. 90% of the mannequins on the market are tall, thin, young and Anglo. How I long for more diversity in mannequins!

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