At Mannequin Madness we recycle mannequins for various retail chains when they remodel or close locations. We resell the mannequins we acquire from them on our website. One of the most sought after mannequin brands on the used market is Adel Rootstein


To make it easier for Rootstein buyers to find them on our website we recently created a special page on our website that lists ALL of the Rootstein mannequins we have for sale. This way you won’t have to scroll through all the other used mannequins we have for sale to find the Rootstein’s.


Our used Rootstein mannequins are typically much less expensive than the ones you find on Ebay. And we will also have on this page  Rootstein’s that are even more discounted because they have missing or broken parts. (Collectors often want these for head change projects). Here is an example:



And if you need spare Rootstein parts like hands/legs/torsos to replace a damaged or missing one they will also be listed  this page. We rarely have extra stands but often do have extra butt rods.


Just so you know, before these items are posted to my website I send out an email first to my list of Rootstein collectors when I get a bulk shipment of used Rootstein’s. They often buy up most of my inventory before I get a chance to post the items  online.

So if you want first dibs like they have, sign up to be added to the email list here. We never know when we are going to get more Rootstein inventory. Sometimes several months go by before we get more inventory. And sometimes we get several shipments within a few days. So don’t be alarmed if you sign up on our list and don’t hear anything for awhile.

If you are new to collecting Rootstein mannequins and want more information about them, we have written 15 different blog posts about this brand that you can read here.


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