Fun, yet Functional Mannequin Gifts Under $100

Posted December 19, 2016 in Mannequin Art & Decor

We have unique mannequin items that are fun and functional gifts for anyone, not just retailers or artists. Here unique gifts that you might not have thought about giving and they are all under $100!

Know someone who loves French bulldogs? We have them in a range of colors for $79.

For the Francophile, we have a $40 miniature dress form covered in a Parisian fabric for displaying jewelry or as decoration.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be a drawer when it is not being worn. We have a wide variety of jewelry display forms, like these fabulous ring holders which are $28 for a set of 6.



 Or you can display rings, bracelets and necklaces on these jewelry display hands which are $72 for a set of 2.

Jewelry AND a hat (or wig) can be displayed on this form.

See what I mean about a mannequin gift being unique  and practical? Beautiful to look at, yet functional as well.

Speaking of functional, one of the most useful gifts for someone who likes to sew is a professional grade sewing dress form, which are very pricey. Even the inexpensive ones are in the $300+ price range.

So if you give your loved one a Mannequin Madness gift card (in any denomination you choose), they can apply it towards their purchase of their sewing form which makes it a bit more affordable for them.

For these and other gift ideas under $100, check out this link on our website. And type in the code Holiday15 to get a 15% discount thru 12/31/16

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