Made Ya Look! How to create an eye-catching display with mannequin leg form

Posted February 10, 2017 in Mannequins in Window Displays

Here are some examples from Pinterest on unconventional ways to use leg forms. For example, Prada use them to display shoes and skirts.

Prada used them like this… 

By putting a skirt on the mannequin legs and shoes on the feet and on the waist (elevated with a riser), they were able to showcase a lot of items in a relatively small space.

Berluti in Paris used them to create this unique vignette. The legs not only add a three-dimensional quality to the display but really draw your attention to the pants and shoes.

We have a variety of new and used pant leg forms for sale at Mannequin Madness. If you buy used ones, it makes it more affordable for you to do a grouping of legs like this display at Harrods.

Or this display with the legs suspended in mid -air.

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