When luxury retailers like Bergdorf Goodman create elaborate Halloween window displays like this with a spider web made with crystals…….

It means that Halloween is no longer limited to children going door to door saying “trick or treat”Halloween has shifted into a celebration for adults looking for an escape from the everyday. And with this shift the Halloween industry is booming. Halloween is the second-largest commercial holiday, with Christmas being the first.

Even if you are not selling something that is directly related to Halloween, when you create window displays that pull on your customer’s emotions, you will attract more customers inside your store to see WHATEVER it is you are selling.
Here are 5 budget friendly ways you can make your windows celebrate this holiday. And for even more creative ideas, check out ourHalloween Window Display board on Pinterest.


1.  One of the easiest and cheapest things to do is go to the 99cent store and buy masks, candy  and trick or treat bags for a display like this one for a thrift store. Jumbo sized boxes of candy would have really made this display pop.
   2.  A more upscale version of the display above would be to put a more expensive masks on the mannequin, like this Venetian
inspired mask on the male mannequin below.
String a few beads around the necks of this mannequin and this could be a Mardi Gras themed window. (We like it when you can get multiple uses out of your props)


3. Got headless mannequins in your window? Well put a mask on a stick and have your mannequin hold it in their hand
like this Lanvin window display.


This doesn’t work as well if your mannequin has both arms straight down. That is one reason why we recommend our customers vary the poses when they are purchasing more than one mannequin from us. You have more versatility when the mannequins are not in the identical stance.
Here is an example of how even a store selling jewelry can create a Halloween themed window.
4. Suspended body parts create a spooky and ghostlike effect. (We sell  used mannequin arms  at Mannequin Madness for $40 a pair )


5. Selling housewares? Buy a mannequin head (we sell new and used ones) and give it a scary make-over like this “head waiter” created by Martha Stewart and here are the instructions. 

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