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12 Window Displays from Anthropologie and How to ReCreate Them

 Anthropologie window displays are some of the most repinned images on Pinterest. Their windows are so unique and creative and often are budget friendly (but labor intensive) as they often use recycled/repurposed items as props. While we hate the fact that they use dress forms in the window, we wish the would  buy recycled mannequins […]


Video: Curators for the DeYoung Museum Show How to Dress a Mannequin for Fashion Exhibition.

Dressing a mannequin for a museum exhibition which often involves vintage clothing and delicate fabrics is very different than dressing a mannequin for a retail environmental. In the video below two curators involved with the Oscar De La Renta retrospective explain how it is done. The DeYoung museum has held retrospective exhibits for fashion designers […]

Models vs. Mannequins: Which Should You Use for Your Store?

While using professional models is a great way to showcase your products, it isn’t always cost-effective. The best alternative options are amateur models and mannequins. This post is reprinted from the Shopify blog, an ecommerce platform. When deciding between amateur models and mannequins, you’re largely factoring a risk/reward scenario, ongoing costs, and how much you’re willing to […]

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