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how mannequin impact the the body image of women and minorities, the psychological impact of mannequins


Inside the Job of a Store Window Designer

Store windows are one of those things that you see everywhere but hear very little about. Whether it’s a simpler setup at the front of your favourite mall chain or an elaborate art piece spotted at a fancy department store, we don’t know much about how everything got there in the first place—how much thought […]

Warning: Are You Making These Common Mistakes in Your Apparel Photography? PART 2

We thought this article would be of value to our customers who purchase our mannequins for their online stores and need product photography tips. The is the second installment of the article, for tips 1-3 read yesterday’s blog post here. This article is a reprint from Pixelz is the leading product image editing service for […]


Whaddya Think of Kelly Osbourne’s Video About Body Shaming?

Mannequins are the key props in this video about self-acceptance in this video featuring Kelly Osbourne. She knocks the mannequins down like dominoes as if to say “Eff your fucking standards.” Mannequins have come under fire recently for promoting an unrealistic standard of beauty tall, super-skinny, perky breasts, no cellulite or wrinkles. We have a […]


Tips for Creating “Profit Perfect” Window Displays for your Retail Store — Part 1

For brick-and-mortar retailers, many things have changed over the last few years, but constructing window displays is still a powerful way to drive impulse sales and lure prospective customers into stores. When your goal is to stop pedestrians in their tracks, throwing a little merchandise in a window isn’t enough. You need the right skills […]

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