We get emails all the time at Mannequin Madness from people who are trying to find a replacement arm for their mannequin. Here are our suggestions to help you find a mannequin arm.

-If are able to determine the manufacturer of the mannequin your best bet would be to contact them directly to find the arm. Sometimes the name of the manufacturer is stamped on the bottom of the foot, butt or head of the mannequin. The model number (usually a series of numbers of letters) will be stamped beside the name of the manufacturer which they will need to provide you with a replacement. Sometimes you can find arms on Ebay for mannequins made by Rootstein and Patina V.

-If you are unable to determine the manufacturer of the mannequin, you could try getting an arm from a used mannequin vendor or a mannequin refurburisher. Unfortunately mannequin arms are not like electric sockets with a universal one size fits all. The arm fittings vary in shape and style. Plus if your mannequin’s original arms were posed with the hands on the hips or behind her back, a straight arm pose won’t fit correctly.

So your best bet would be to bring your mannequin torso directly to a used mannequin vendor and try the different arms they have available on your torso to find a fit. If you are lucky to find one, you might have to settle for an arm with a different paint finish.

-One option is to buy a pair of bendable cloth arms which can fit on any mannequin or dress form. These arms do not have hands but the arms can be posed in a variety of positions. You can put gloves on the end of the arms and fill them out to give the illusion of hands. These arms attach to the mannequin via wide elastic bands which glide onto the mannequin. They are available in two sizes small  (for female forms) or large (for male forms or plus size female forms) Check them out here: http://blog.mannequinmadness.com/

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