How many times have you wanted to rent a mannequin or dress form for a short term need  but balked at purchasing one because of the cost? Perhaps you didn’t realize that companies like ours provide you with an alternative –  you can rent instead of buy. 

Perhaps you have having an exhibit at your place of business or having a silent auction fund-raiser of clothes/jewelry.  Maybe you are attending a trade-show or appearing on TV and want to demonstrate your product on a mannequin.  Special event planners have known for a long time that they can rent a mannequin when they are having a theme party and are displaying costumes,  but now the general public can rent a mannequin or dress form as well.

                                      Why buy a mannequin when you can rent instead? Here’s why-

1 Mannequin rental rates average anywhere from $100-$150 a week, depending upon the city. Special rates can be negotiated for shorter or longer term rentals. Considering that a high end mannquin can cost $700-$1100 brand new, renting a mannequin is a good way to stretch your visual merchandising dollars.

2 Renting a mannequin keeps you from having to worry about how to safely store it. We’ve had lots of customers who bought a mannequin at a great price at a garage sale. They use it a few times and then store it in the garage or closet.  Next time they need the mannequin they often  discover  something fell on it or knocked it over. Now the  mannequin has a  broken appendage and is unusable. 

4 If you are attending a trade-show, especially in a different city from where you live, transporting a mannequin is cumbersome and expensive.  If you rent one you can write it off as a business expense.

5 Sometimes you need to test drive the mannequin to see if it is right for you. Do you want a mannequin in a certain pose? A headless mannequin or one with a face? A mannequin or a dress form? Renting different styles of mannequins and dress forms before you purchase it gives you a chance to determine what works best for your needs. Most mannequin rental companies have a rent to own option.


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