What is the shelf life of a mannequin? Well it depends.

Department stores frequently get rid of mannequins that are in perfectly good condition, just because they are not the latest trend or style. For example, headless or egghead mannequins are all the rage so most retailers have banished their realistic mannequins. Especially since realistic mannequins with wigs require a lot of maintenance (wig styling and make up to keep updated) major retailers are not using them for economic reasons because they have cut back on their staff in the visuals department.

But mannequin liquidation companies such as ours, extend the life of mannequins. We sell gently used mannequins that we have recycled from large retail chains when they remodel or close stores. (Shame on those retailers who are still destroying mannequins instead of recycling them – and we heard rumors that Victoria’s Secret might be one of them)

But even used mannequins have a limited shelf life for a retail store environment. A beat up mannequin might be fine for a theatre prop, Burning Man exhibit or Halloween Display, but not for a retail store. If your mannequin is swaying like a drunken bridesmaid, has a missing hand or finger or has scrapes and scratches along her exposed body parts, it is time to get her repaired or replaced immediately.

Your merchandise will be unconsciously judged by the quality of what it’s displayed on. Old, ugly, dirty or damaged will reflect right back on the outfit. Even if you operate a vintage or consignment store where it is acceptable to display a mannequin that was manufacturered decades ago, she still needs to be in good condition.

A mannequin repair company can refurbish a tired looking mannequin with a fresh coat of paint or new make up and repair a broken one. We’ve had mannequins that were decapitated, put back together.

Here is a list of several mannequin repair companies throughout the country. We have only personally worked with Nancy at Mannequin Recovery and can vouch for her excellent work. When you contact any of these companies, tell them that Mannequin Madness referred you. Please let us know if there is someone we should add to this list, but it appears as if mannequin repairing is a dying art form, and there are only a handful of companies throughout the country.

West Coast
San Francisco Bay Area: Mannequin Madness 510 444 0650 Ask for Jay

Los Angeles Mannequin Gallery: 818 834 5555 Ask for Shelly
Los Angeles Ruben’s Display World: 909-923-5671 Ask for Ruben

Pacific Northwest

Seattle:  NW Manikin 206 522 7292 Ask for Joe

Tacoma: Phoebe’s Mannequin Services 206-280-4709 or 253-535-1460 ask for Phoebe

Flagstaff: Mannequin Recovery 928 526 9194 Ask for Nancy

Denver: Manne-King 800 779 1566 Ask for Mike

Houston: Modern Mannequin 713 695 9613 Ask for Sherri

South East
Delaware:  Dave’s Surplus 800 434 4752 Ask for Dave

North Carolina: Designs by Toren 908 359 6392 Ask for Toren

Atlanta:  Redbeau Mannequins 770 739 9989 Ask for Bob
Tallahassee:  Dream and Imagine Studio 850-309-0966 Ask for Mark


Mannakin Ltd    Tel: +44 (0)1636 610033     Mob: 07757 513584    ask for Roz

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13 years ago

yes unfortunately mannequins like the use of realistic mannequins is not what it once was. But for the stores that choose to still use mannequins realistic or abstract-maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your displays.

Us refurbishes are muti-talented!!!! We can redesign and redo your make-up and wigs keeping up with seasonal trends, we can switch realistic heads for abstract with sculpted hair or add sculpted hair to your realistic mannequin-spraying her an abstract color totally changing your store’s “mood”.

Don’t put off calling us when your mannequin is beaten down, scuffed, broken and on her last leg! most of us are willing to repair just one broken part and will get it done and back to you quickly! We can match paint finishes realistic flesh tones and abstracts as well. I recommend before buying brand new shopping with Judi and checking with refurbishers-chances are you will come away with something up to the minute-and at a fraction of the cost- and you can put your savings over time into again maintaining and updating your mannequin-they are your “silent sales people” in the window and they truly do reflect your stores image-a new wig, make-up or paint job every now and again is a good investment and doesn’t have to cost an “arm and a leg”!!!

Mr. Saad
Mr. Saad
12 years ago

I have a question about covering up holes, scratches or nicks as is it okay to preprepare with any king plaster before repainting like you do on walls? If someone can assist me with some ideas in response to this it is well appreciated. Thanks very much.

Mr. Saad
Mr. Saad
12 years ago


I have a quick question about patching up scatches, nicks, or holes on mannequins as I wanted to know if I can use any kind of plaster like you do on walls. What do you suggest? Thanks very much.

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