Ever wondered why mannequins are so expensive? After watching the process of how a mannequin is made at Adel Roostein which you can see on this link: http://www.lgsculpture.co.uk/Making%20of%20Lauren/index.htm (scroll down the page after you click on the link)  I have a better appreciation of the craftsmanship involved in creating a mannequin.

The more realistic and humanlike the mannequin is, the more it costs to produce.  Mannequins that are hand sculpted like the ones made by Patina V, Pucci and Rootstein can cost $1,000. These are the brands of mannequins you find in the window displays at high end stores. They feature feature realistic features, fluid poses, eyelashes, and human hair wigs.

Many of Chinese importers have tried to copy these styles using thinner layers of fiberglass, plastic fittings instead of metal and mannequins. And instead of starting with a human figure that is sculpted in clay and then a mold is made, they start with a mold like if you were making a doll.  The difference is obvious and so is the price.

If you like the quality of the high end mannequins but balk at the price tag, buy a used one from mannequin liquidation companies like Mannequin Madness. We frequently acquire designer brand mannequins from the retail stores we work with when they close or remodel stores. Let us know if you are looking for a specific brand or style and we can put you on our waiting list to contact when we get it in stock.

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