Recently a shooting took place at a warehouse in Oakland involving over 15 people. And business owners everywhere can benefit from what happened there.

The “shooting” involved a production crew coming from New York to shoot video and still images of Judi and Jay Townsend, the owners of Mannequin Madness. Mannequin Madness is a mannequin recycling and liquidation company that sells new and used mannequins.

Last year British Airways sponsored the “Face of Opportunity Contest”, a competition in which business owners could win a free ticket anywhere British Airways flies in order to have a face to face meeting with someone who could help them expand their business internationally.

Over 600 companies won the free travel – very generous of British Airways don’t you think? – and Mannequin Madness was one of them. Because their green business is so unique, it was one of 5 businesses that British Airways wanted to feature to promote the launch this year’s contest which started Sept 8. This year 250 business owners can win a one free ticket on British Airways and 3 winners will receive 10 round trip tickets!

So if want to grow your business internationally and need to have a face to face contact with an investor, strategic partner, manufacturing plant etc. – here is your opportunity. You can submit an essay or video. Click on this link to see our video and contest entry details. The deadline to enter is October 21, 2010.


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