We were in Amsterdam last fall and I saw this window display featuring dog mannequins. I don’t even own a dog but this store window was so interesting it caused me to stop and look. If the store had been open I would have gone inside. This is exactly what a great window display should do – draw in passerby who might not normally consider coming into your store.

Window Display with Dog Mannequins
Window Display with Dog Mannequins

Given the explosion in dog paraphernalia it makes sense that a high end pet store such as this one, would use dog mannequins to display the collars, sweater and leashes. Not just in the window, but they also have a row of dogs on the counter inside ( look at the right hand corner). The dog on the “couch” with the water and food bowls in front really appeals to the emotions of anyone who wants to pamper their pooch.

When we came back to the states, I found a company that makes dog mannequins that are similar to the ones in this store window which are available in white and black leatherette. We sell them for $50 on our website: We are still looking to find those exact dog mannequins we saw in Europe.

Dog Mannequins from Mannequin Madness

On another note, we have to hand it to Anthropologie for their creative use of dog mannequins made out of balloons. Probably not that effective if you were a pet store owner wanted to feature dog accessories, but it i help provide visual interest to the window display.


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