There is a wonderful website called “Living Better Over 50, for women with spirit” which is full of inspiration on a wide range of topics.

Our youth oriented culture makes it a challenge to be woman over the age of 50, so this website as well as More magazine are my favorite resources when I need reassurance that I am Fifty and Fabulous.

Living Better Over 50, featured Mannequin Madness on their website recently. The person who interviewed me for the article, wrote the book, How To Ditch The Corporate World and Rock Your Own and she felt I should be featured on Living Better Over 50 for two reasons.

First, a lot of mid-life women are looking to transition from corporate life to something more entrepreneurial (either for personal or economic needs). My success in starting a niche business in an industry I knew nothing about late shows that anything is possible – cause I was over 40 when I started it.

But here is the main reason I think they featured me. Not only do I work in the fashion industry (an industry that is particularly hard on women as they age) but day in and day out I am surrounded by “people” who are truly ageless….. mannequins. So I never see a wrinkle, gray hair or sagging body part. Unless I look in the mirror that is.

So if  you need inspiration to make a career transition or need “misery loves company” because you are over 50, check out what Living Better Over 50 said about Mannequin Madness here.


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