We found this great article about why vintage mannequins are so FABULOUSon pennpollyvintage.com and  wanted to share it with you. We sell vintage and used mannequins online and love it when a third party extolls the benefits of used versus new mannequins. Enjoy the article!

vintage mannequin is a unique collectible. And if you need a mannequin, vintage is better than a budget quality new one. After starting Penn Polly Vintage I had many a vintage dress that needed to be modeled on something. I began a longer than expected mannequin journey and along the way learned why vintage mannequins rock.

1. A vintage mannequin is a beautiful thing

I now have a good appreciation for the artistic qualities of vintage mannequins. The faces on many older mannequins are really lovely or just downright arresting. This is particularly true if you purchase a high end vintage mannequin like a Wolf Vine, Greneker, Rootstein, Decter, or Hindsgaul.

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