Last month we posted this article with DIY tips on how to repair/refinish a damaged mannequin. But repairing a mannequin is a very special skill and you really need a professional if the mannequin has extensive damage like this.


If your damaged mannequin was manufactured by companies like Rootstein, Patina V , Goldsmith, Greneker  or Pucci, we recommend that you send your mannequin back to them for repair.


Mannequin repairing is very much a cottage industry and there are just a small handful of skill artisans around the country who provide this service.

Here is a list of other mannequin repair facilities around the globe. Some of them are small one person operations with no website, others are full service mannequin companies.

If you know someone who should be added to this list, let us know.  And if you are looking for a vintage mannequin, we sell used (as well as new) mannequins at




New York/New Jersey


Washington State

United Kingdom


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