When most people think of Rootstein mannequins the

y think of the dramatic realistic mannequins that are replica’s of real life models and personalities. Like this one of model Coco Rocha:




But they also make a fabulous collection of male mannequins.

However, just like on the catwalk, male mannequins (as well as male clothing in general) tends to be anonymous. You can probably name at least a handful of female “super models”but can you name one male super model?


Out of the hundreds of used Rootstein mannequins we have acquired over the years in our mannequin liquidation business, we rarely get realistic male mannequins

But Instead we tend to get abstract ones like this.


And this: These guys are not only timeless but are real workhorses. We acquired some in 2002 from a Ralph Lauren store that we put in our mannequin rental inventory and even after years of use, they are still in good shape.

7 8


We rarely keep female Rootsteins in our rental inventory because they are not only WAAAY too high maintenance to be used as rentals, but are more sought by collectors.


A few years ago Rootstein introduced the “Manorexic male mannequin the series

“Homme Nouveau,” which was  feminized and not so hearty, with a 35-inch chest and a 27-inch waist.  (We. Do. Not. Like – we want our men to be beefcake)


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