We started pinning images of Dress Form Christmas Trees on this Pinterest board last year and it quickly become one of our most popular Pinterest boards. This certainly helped to popularize the idea of using mannequins as unique holiday decoration.

So imagine our delight when we saw not one, but TWO Dress Form Christmas trees at the White House on the HGTV special “A Spectacular White House Christmas.”


Every Fashionista loves these and apparently Michele Obama is no exception. And how ironic that one of these trees is next to the portrait of Jackie Kennedy.

We created a step by step tutorial for $10 to show you how to design your own Dress Form Christmas tree. If you don’t already have a dress form, you can buy a newor used dress form from us.


Here are the details on the White House Christmas Tree Dress Forms. (All photo’s were taken by Alex Wong of Getty Images)

Two dress form mannequins sit in the Vermeil Room in place of traditional Christmas trees.


These dress form trees feature one-of-a-kind skirts with evergreen adornments and frosted embellishments.


Designer Alexis Bittar created the hand-sculpted Lucite ornaments and jewelry for the dress forms.

Bittar designed flower ornaments in muted pinks, purple and ivory with crystal centers and hand-blown birds.

The hand-sculpted necklaces on the bust form are composed of Lucite ivory pinecones and interwoven with vintage brooches.


Gorgeous, aren’t they? And best of all, after the holidays are over you can use the dress form to display your jewelry or clothing. Now that is what I call a “green”christmas tree – one that lasts a long, long time.

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