Event & Party Planners are finding all kinds of unique ways to use mannequins and dress forms at fashion themed events.

One idea is chalkboard paint on a used mannequin to turn it into a guestbook or as event signage.

And another idea is to have edible mannequins, meaning a dessert in the shape of a mannequin, like this one:

We have this board on Pinterest with lots of examples of mannequin desserts. Some of them look too good to eat, like this one.


Some are kinda racy like this one inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Gray.


There are mannequin cupcake stands.


And in keeping with the trend of dress forms as Christmas Trees, there are even cakes like this.


There are even mannequin cakes that look like they are wearing a wedding gown.


For more trends in event planning using mannequins visit this Pinterest board and our Facebook group.