If you have fallen in love the Dress Form Christmas Trees that are trending on Pinterest and want to create your own but don’t know how, look no further. We have several tutorials to show you how  to make different styles of them depending upon your taste and crafting experience.


Since we sell the dress forms for creating a Dress Form Christmas tree, we have received lots of questions from customers about how to make them.

So we hired a professional florist, Hector Villacorta to design tutorials for the three most popular styles of Dress Form Christmas trees.  I instructed  Hector to design the tutorials to be super easy so that even people like myself who have limited crafting skills (or patience) could easily do it.

I personally tested each one and am so proud of the results that I keep them on display in my mannequin warehouse year round!  The tutorials are $10 and include lots of photos with the instructions and resources on where to find the materials.

My favorite is the Dress Form Christmas tree on a wire dress form. The tutorial for this one is so easy that I completed in about an hour once all the faux garland was cut to size. (great way to upcycle old garland)


Hector likes the version above with the deco mesh in the bodice, and I like the one with the Christmas balls. (That’s Hector in our warehouse)


You can also string lights on the bodice or leave it bare. Either way the look is sexy, stylish and a little sassy.

Next is the tutorial for a bohemian style Dress Form Christmas tree. Although we used fresh cedar leaves for this one, you could substitute artificial ones.


Maybe because I am new to crafting I am amazed at how the look of the Dress Form Christmas tree dramatically changes depending upon the choice of materials.

Here are two different versions of the tutorial . One on a white dress form and colorful ornaments.


And one made with burlap and deco mesh and faux cedar leaves. Three different looks from the same tutorial.


So you get to be a fashion designer and create a Dress Form Christmas tree that fits your personal style.

When the White House had two dress form Christmas trees in their holiday decor in 2014 (photo below), it caused our inbox to be flooded with emails asking how to replicate it.


We call this tutorial for this one the Grand Diva. Cause just like a diva, this one required a lot of energy. It took a lot of effort for us to get this tutorial just right. We tried different materials to make the skirt to get the right size and support.

And since we are big on recycling at Mannequin Madness (we are the biggest mannequin recycler in the U.S.) we wanted the skirt to be easily detachable so that you can re-use the frame in the future and use the dress form throughout the year.


Peacock feathers are all the rage this year which is why you see them in so many of the images in our tutorials.

Every year more people decide to create a Dress Form Christmas Tree. The Ugly Christmas Sweater because so popular that Dec 18 is now National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Hopefully in 2016 there will be a National Dress Form Christmas Tree Day.



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