Want to transform a boring vanilla colored dress form into something fabulous? We have a new line of dress forms covers in eye-catching colors – pink, purple, red and  aqua.


We haven’t sold dress form covers in awhile because because the only ones on the market  were cheesy jersey covers that were so thin, they were practically see-through. You can still find them on Amazon for $20.00 or less.


But these dress form covers are made out of a thick and luxurious velvet material. They are almost like a “gown”which is why they are $40 to purchase and $10 to ship (they are heavy).


These dress form covers are great for updating an old, torn or tattered form or just to change the look to match your decor. Or to use for a seasonal event – the pink is ideal for Valentine’s Day or Breast Cancer awareness.

The red one would be ideal for Valentine’s Day, July 4th and Christmas.


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