Anthropologie window displays are some of the most repinned images on Pinterest. Their windows are so unique and creative and often are budget friendly (but labor intensive) as they often use recycled/repurposed items as props.

While we hate the fact that they use dress forms in the window, we wish the would  buy recycled mannequins from us, we can’t deny that we love their eye-catching props in the windows. BTW, if you like their style dress forms, we sell them here.

This article from BuzzFeed which will shows you how to create some of 12 of their most popular displays.

 1. Floating Books

Umbra Floating Bookshelves: $15.00


Umbra L Conceal Self: $35.00

P.S.- Put a couple together at different angles.

2. Window Frames

1. Check eBay or yard sales for old window frames.
2. Paint or distress wood.
3. Hang from ceiling with fishing wire or secure to wall.

3. Clothespin Garland

If you can’t figure this one out, maybe DIY isn’t for Y-O-U.

Just in case: Start painting clothespins with the darkest color, then slowly add white to the mixture if you want to get an “ombre” effect.

4. Plant Panels


1. Pick up different sized wood panels from hardware store.
2. Paint in whatever color suits your fancy.
3. Purchase these wall mounted flower pot rings for around $9.50 each.
5. Add some pots and plant to your heart’s content.

5. Hanging Hangers

While 50 of these might be a little much for your apartment, there’s no reason two or three wouldn’t work (say, for tomorrow’s outfits).

Colorful ribbon, a ceiling hook, and a wooden hanger (just unscrew the hook part). Pretty simple.


You can purchase this one on Etsy for $38.00, or fashion one yourself with some rope and a copper rod.

P.S. Etsy also has some cool, (although expensive) industrial garment racks.

6. Coffeecup Shapes

Let’s downsize this one. No one drinks that much coffee.

1. Use wire picture hooks in a “wave” shape instead of a letter. (More cabinet space! Yay!) $3.50 for a pack of 25

7. Stacked Drawers


This one might also require some eBay and yard sale searching.
Once you’ve acquired a drawer full (sorry), all you need is some paint and nails to keep it all in place.

8. Twine Covered Rectangles

While you could do this with bricks a la Anthro, it’d be much easier (and lighter) to use box covers.
Paint the tops in varying colors, then wrap with twine or string until you’ve achieved the look you want.

9. Folded Book Garland

Alright, so I hate projects that force me to tear books apart, but this garland would look pretty cool in a home office.

Take out pages (gently!) and glue (with care!) into loop shapes. Then start layering.

10. White Frames With Color Inserts

Paint various picture frames white. Use several different paint hues to get the “ombre” effect for the inserts.

Easy Peasy.

11. Quilling

I’m obsessed with quilling. Okay, so I’m obsessed with making crafts that look like quilling but actually use an ungodly amount of hot glue. Whatever works.

To learn how, check out Pinterest or go the easy route with…

12. Triangle Garland


String, lots of origami paper…. and death by a thousand paper cuts.

13. Cork Wine Tree


Somewhere, a window designer is very proud of himself – and very drunk.

Best leave this one to the pros.


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