For a limited time, Mannequin Madness is offering free shipping* on almost all of the USED mannequins on our website. We have an overabundance of mannequins recycled from retail chains that are going out of business so, to make room, we are offering free shipping.

We have so many male and female mannequin butts (also available in white) that we are offering them as buy 1, get 2 free and hosiery legs we are offering as a buy 1, get one free! Plus free shipping.*

While many people have come to expect free shipping all the time (thank you, Amazon), it is rare to find free shipping in the mannequin industry – primarily because mannequins are big and bulky and UPS/Fedex charges a premium for that.

People complain to us all the time about the shipping costs. Since the prices of our used mannequins are so deeply discounted, they get sticker shock when the shipping costs can be as much as the purchase price of the mannequin.

If you are a novice at buying a used mannequin, just know that this doesn’t mean you are getting beat up or distressed mannequin. We have those in our mannequin boneyard and only sell them to customers who can come to our warehouse in Oakland to purchase them.

Many of our used mannequins are in great condition. They really should be called pre-owned or pre-loved or second-hand as the word used can imply worn out, which is not the case.

For example the fiberglass male mannequin for sale below is one we shipped it to a customer by mistake and they opened it up, discovered the error and then shipped it back to us. So technically we can’t sell it as new.

Check out the used section on each product category of our website or click on the Just In section on our home page to see what products we’ve added as we update our website almost every other day with more inventory. If you are able to come to our warehouse in Oakland, we have even more used items to sell than what we have online.

*Free shipping is only for the lower 48 states. No coupon code needed, free shipping will be applied at check out.

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