If you are selling product online or marketing on Instagram it is crucial to take professional caliber photos, with good lighting, of your products. But it doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg to get outstanding images.

For the past nine months, Mannequin Madness has made their mini  photo studio available for online vendors at the budget friendly rage of $30 an hour.  This service has become very popular among Etsy sellers and online start-ups.

At Mannequin Madness the photo studio rental includes lighting, the use of a garment rack, clothing steamer and mannequins, jewelry forms and other props and tables in the warehouse.

This is a much cheaper and convenient alternative to converting a space in your home with adequate lighting and space to photograph your images. And if an online business is your side hustle, hiring a professional photographer can eat into your profits.

Now that  the quality of images a cell phone can produce has improved dramatically, you can take your own photos (with the help of a tripod) at places like Mannequin Madness and get outstanding images at a bargain price.

Note: It is helpful if you bring an assistant with you during the studio rental. Then while you are taking the photos your assistant can prep the next item to be photographed. This allows you to photograph a lot of product in a short period of time.

For photo tips check out this tutorial called: The ultimate guide DIY guide to beautiful product photography.

The article was written by the staff at Shopify, the #1ecommerce platform. We use Shopify as as our Ecommerce provider (after having tried  3 other platforms) and are thrilled with their level of support they provide online sellers.


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