We have added this new page on our website which devoted exclusively to the Rootstein parts we have for sale. Just click on body parts and there is a drop down menu for used body parts and then another menu for Rootstein body parts.

We also have Rootstein hard cap wigs on this page in addition to the arms, legs, hands and frankentsteined Rootstein’s we have for sale.  Soon we will add flanges and glass bases.

If the part has their Rootstein labels visible we put the code in the title so that you can easily scan for what you are looking for. But many of the arms and legs do NOT have their labels.

Some of the items are in excellent condition, some are have a missing finger or have badly chipped paint.

If you are buying multiple items, we can combine the shipping. Just send me and email to tell me the items you want to purchase. Once again here is the link to the Rootstein part page.


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