Each week, we will feature a celebrity wearing a headdress as part of her fashion look.

1. Carmen Miranda: Her Signature Look was a Headdress 

Carmen Miranda, the world-renowned Cuban performer, is the absolutely perfect icon to kick off our newest blog feature: Celebrity Headdress. Carmen traveled the world, singing with a Cuban band and always presenting a high-energy, first-class stage performance. Her signature look was an over-the-top Cuban-inspired gown, jewelry and headdress. Carmen often called out “Azucar!” (Sugar) from the stage when the audience responded enthusiastically. Yes, Carmen, your headdresses were sweet!

A customer of ours  wanted to duplicate the Carmen Miranda look for a party she was attending.

If you are inspired by this idea  you can create a similar version by attending The Headdress Workshop, Oakland, CA. You can either make your own at one of our weekly floral crown classes or our designer, Hector Villacorta, can custom create one for you. See: theheaddressworkshop.com


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