Is there anything cuter than a fur baby wearing a floral collar?

Yes –  a fur baby with whose owner is wearing a matching floral crown!

If you are looking for an eye-catching instagram image.

Or want to celebrate their barkday or other special occasion

Or just want to hang out at the park-

Matching florals crowns/collars are adorable.

 NOTE there is a trend on Pinterest/Instagram of dogs wearing florals crowns  like this:

In our experience most dogs do NOT like wearing something on their head. But since they are used to wearing a collar or leash, they are more comfortable with wearing a floral collar.

At The Headdress Workshop in Oakland we have flower crown classes where you can make your own floral crown for $60 and for an additional $10 you can make a flower crown for your fur baby.

For more examples of this trend, visit this Pinterest board.


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