Walmart & The Headdress Workshop made it possible for people off all ages to Crown Their Joy with a unique headdress at the Black Joy Parade in Oakland last month.

Paige Nicholson, of Pointe Agency one of the organizers of the Black Joy Parade

Walmart sponsored us to provide a streamlined version of our headdress class at the Parade to provide an interactive family friendly activity for the participants.

This gave everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of making something by hand, expressing their creativity and leave with a keepsake from the parade – wearable art. This is memory that makes an impact.

Check out this a video of our booth before the parade began.

The Black Joy Parade organizers created an Instaworthy photo booth so people could take photos like this:

The Reign On Hashtag was quite appropriate as everyone felt like royalty wearing their crowns. We created this google photo drive with the photos we have. Feel free to upload yours there.

In addition to the faux flowers we provide for our headdresses (so they can be worn over and over again) we also brought Afrocentric materials such as mud cloth and cowrie shells.

If people could hold a glue gun they could make a headdress, no other crafting experience was necessary. Most people made their headdress within the 30 minute time frame we allotted (versus 2 hours in our classes)

Just like snowflakes, no two headdresses were alike even when people are offered the exact same materials. Since women of all ages and sizes look great in a headdress, there were lots of families who made them together.

Although it was primarily women and girls who came to our booth, there were a few #girldads who brought their daughters and supported them in making their headdress.

And there was one male—- Jeff Shotts, a Senior Vice President at Walmart who made a headdress.

Jeff, along with a group of employees from Walmart who volunteered to work at our booth, really demonstrated Walmart’s commitment to the success of the Black Joy Parade.

One of the volunteers (Emily Kabi Muhu) assisted us with the African tribal face painting we set up in our booth which the young boys loved.

Our booth was swarming with people all day, so we ran out of materials an hour before the parade was officially over. But we came up with a creative solution so people could still Crown Their Joy.

We had several headdresses on display showcasing the more elaborate headdresses people can make in our classes. For example this Beyonce style halo headdress-——

Elisha Greenwell, one of Black Joy Parade organizers

We had a long line of people waiting to get their photo taken in the photo booth wearing one of our headdresses, especially that one. We dedicated an entire blog post about the Beyonce style headdress at Black Joy Parade.

If you want take one of our Headdress Classes where you can make something fabulous in just 2 hours using only a glue gun. Follow us on Instagram and we will send you a discount coupon. We can also host private parties and team bonding events in our showroom which has a full kitchen, photo booth and more amenities (like free parking).

Wearing a headdress is like wearing a smile on your head.


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