Junk food, Sweat Pants, Alcohol, Cannabis – and Dolls? Yes these are things that people are buying for comfort and solace for self-sheltering. 

The dolls are the grown up version of a cuddly plaything:

They are anatomically correct and sole purpose is to provide pleasure. A woman who tends to your needs, versus being needy.

Last year Mannequin Madness decided to expand our product line from mannequins for retailers to mannequins for personal fulfillment. We sell them on our sister site, MannequinMadnessxxx.com and shipping is free in the lower 47 states.

We vetted lots of suppliers for this product and finally found a supplier who could provide a high quality product at a budget friendly price. These mannequins are made out of TPE which is softer and more pliable than the ones made out of silicone.

If this is your first love doll purchase we recommend this blog  post from the Sex Toy Education website. However the vendor they recommend for purchasing a love doll is  incredibly expensive, twice the price of our dolls.

Our dolls ship three days after your purchase, you can have plenty of time to enjoy them before   May 3, when we are (hopefully) free from captivity. Check out MannequinMadnessxxx.com

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