This is part of a series of blog posts devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins. The mannequins are also dressed in attire that provides a little bit of fashion history.

For more details on why I started this series and more background about the Rootstein company, please read the first three posts in the series.

This mannequin is Mounia Orosemane in pose code D2 from the Poseurs Series. IRL Mounia was featured in Yves Saint Laurent runway shows, was his muse and close personal friend.

She is styled in Yves Saint Laurent “Russian Collection” Blouse, Skirt, Belt and Shoe

Mounia is now a gallery shown painter/artist and has given time and charitable support to various causes through her artworks

Pat Cleveland, pose is various parts from Pat and Pretty Series, Circa 1973, note the hands are Sayoko Series, Circa 1977.

Pat is styled in Patrick Kelly jacket, DEX blouse, new old stock. La Classe Ltd gauchos, Chanel shoes, By Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Launer handbag and semi precious stone necklace. A note on Patrick Kelly, he and Pat were very close personal friends.

Pat was a muse of Halston, model, designer, artist, mother, and survivor. Pat has walked many, many, many runway shows, and one very historical one took place November 28, 1973 , also known in the fashion world as ” The Battle of Versailles, same as the book about the show and events, by Pulitzer Prize author, Robin Givhan”.

Anna Cleveland von Ravenstein, pose code SE25/ASK3. Secrets II Series and this head custom for Saks Fifth Avenue on this pose. Anna has been in multiple Rootstein mannequin series and the “Second Generation Series features Pat Cleveland (her mom the mannequin in the photo above) Noel (her brother) and Anna (herself).

Anna is currently walking runway shows and recently was featured in Sephora in store photos/advertising properties.

Anna Cleveland von Ravenstein styled in Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress (this pattern has been printed in various sizes and is the pattern that First Lady Michelle Obama has been photographed wearing) , Chanel crossbody bag, Freshwater Pearls and Jones New York T strap shoes.

Sara Kapp pose code Classic S1 from Classic and Symbol Series, Circa 1972ish. Besides being on the runway, Sara was the Exclusive model in Princess Marcella Borghese Cosmetics, advertising campaigns.

Sara Kapp is styled in Osman London jacket and pants, vintage Ferragamo shoulder bag, vintage pearls and Christian Dior shoes.

A note on this mannequin, the visible left hand in photos, is not complete to this pose, but given that she has three sets of restoration marks on her fittings, that being said, the incorrect hand that fits the pose is code P1 from Pat and Pretty Series, Pat Cleveland pose.

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