This is my series devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins. The mannequins are also dressed in attire that provides a little bit of fashion history.

Two Erin O’Connor‘s pose code ER1, from Supermodels Series, Erin, circa 2002.
The launch featured invitations by London fashion illustrator David Downton, May 17th, 2002 for the New York showroom, also in the showroom were, Girl Thing Series, Relaxed Series and Lads & Liv Series.
Erin O’Connor was produced in four poses, three standing and one seated.

The Erin (in background) was originally ordered for Chanel and is styled in Diane von Furstenberg maxi dress, Chanel shoes, vintage pearl earrings and necklace.

The Erin (in foreground) was ordered for Macy’s and is styled in Halston dress, Chanel earrings, Lord and Taylor peacock pearl necklace and Chanel shoes.

This mannequin is one that he purchased from me in March (I have a few girls still left from the 27 I received for sale on my website)

This is Lee, pose code SE23 from Secrets II Series, circa 2008. The catalog cover features Oriol and Lee. This series features pose codes SE16 through SE26 (note Saks Fifth Avenue had SE25 custom with Anna Cleveland von Ravenstein head) The Secrets Series circa 2007 with pose codes SE1 through SE14, note all standing poses have/had square ankle rod.

Lee styled in Michelle Mason jumpsuit, peacock pearl necklace and (drilled) Jones New York shoes.This jumpsuit is similar to the one Michelle Pfeiffer made famous in the movie “Scarface“

This is Candy pose code BU26 (low heel option code, for 1″ heel) from Bubbles Series. Circa 2002. This series featured six female poses, two featuring Bubbles head and four featuring Candy head, one male pose Chuck. You can read more about them in this post.

The youthful look and postures lent the series to favor juniors sportswear and young mens departments. The poses could also be ordered with sculpture hair with attaching ponytail, also sculpture shoes were a option. Some retailers ordered the paint to favor “Anime” looks and some ordered realistic paint, in some finishes of realistic, a “Twiggy” look.

Candy styled in vintage Lord and Taylor lounge set, vintage hat, pearl necklaces and Christian Dior shoes.

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