This is my series devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins. The mannequins are also dressed in attire that provides a little bit of fashion history.

This is Jan Marie, from Images Series, pose code MG2H. The series featured international models, and was designed for 2 1/2″ heel, but with adding code letter H to the end of pose code, the option was then for a 4″ heel.

Rootstein, Jan Marie styled in Joanna Nelson dress, her designs were exclusive to Bullock’s and featured prominently there. Worth jacket, vintage pearls and Christian dior shoes.

This is the second Pat Cleveland mannequin that my collector owns. This one is codes torso and legs P1, right arm and hand P5, left arm and hand P4, from Pat and Pretty Series,  circa 1973.

Pat has a career spanning decades, but one historical night, November 28, 1973 known as “The Battle of Versailles”. Was a turning point in America Fashion. One of the five American designers that night was also the youngest,  Stephen Burrows,  his career also has spaned decades.

Around 2010, Stephen partnered with Target for a line ” Celebrating the Creativity of Harlem.  A portion of the sales went to the library at The Young Women’s Leadership of East Harlem. Pat is styled in Stephen Burrows for Target dress, vintage earrings,  coral necklace,  and vintage shoes.

This is Sascha Behrendt pose codes H2 torso and legs, H3 right arm and hand, H2 left arm, H1 left hand. Classy Lady Long Legs Series, circa 1980’s. Vintage Suzanne Victor wig.

Behrendt styled in Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. The pattern (the silhouette is named Diana) of the dress is reminiscent of the animation on the television show Wonder Woman, the pattern was produced on a wrap blouse, a maxi dress and the “Diana” wrap dress.

The display windows at Diane Von Furstenberg flagship location featured mannequins in the above mentioned garments and backdrops of Wonder Woman in Roy Lichtenstein style. The necklace is semiprecious stone and vintage Gucci shoes.

If you want to buy a Rootstein mannequin, we frequently have used ones for sale here. You can also sign up to receive an email the next time we get more used Rootstein mannequins in stock or follow us on Facebook.


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3 months ago

i have a Pat and adore her.
always looking for more info about her

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