This is my series devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins. The mannequins are also dressed in attire that provides a little bit of fashion history.

A lot of these girls were never in widespread use because retailers did not order them. Even retail stores located in areas with a high population African American shoppers, still used a majority of Anglo mannequins in their window and store displays.

Mannequins are objects of fantasy and desire and history has shown African Americans are not considered part of that narrative.

This is Khadijah Adams, a former Miss Kenya.

Once in a while

All the mannequins posted here are from the Nomad series released in 1999. I have no idea why it was called the Nomads – if you do please leave a comment.

The African American models/mannequins featured here were Ardelle
Dawn Leaks, Monica and a hot male named Moshe who I have never seen in mannequin form. There were two Anglo women in the Nomad series: Axelle and Katerina (daughter of Gisela Mindt).

Out of all the hundreds of Rootstein mannequins I have recycled for retail chains, most of the African American ones I got were from this collection. Except none of them had the male.

When I did a promo photo of me as “the queen of mannequin recycling” wearing a crown I was posed between two Dawn Leakes mannequins. However the nudity caused quite a stir so I didn’t use it.

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