This is my series devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins. The mannequins are also dressed in attire that provides a little bit of fashion history.

Rootstein made several Asian female mannequins and I believe all of them were of Japanese descent. And most of them were half Japanese and half white.

This is from Eimi Kuroda from Eimi and Ana Series which was released in 2004. I can’t find anything about the real life Eimi, so if you have some info please share it here.

At the moment (this could change at any time) we have two versions of her for sale here:

What I find interesting, is if you look at the photo of the real life Eimi and compare that with the mannequin version, it seems as if they widened her eyes. And in one of the mannequin images her eyes are a very light brown, instead of the dark brown that they really are.

On the two that we have for sale, the one with the short wig looks more like Kris Jenner than she does the real Eimi.

Is this the Asian version equivalent of what they do to African American mannequins? With African American mannequins they paint them in a color so that they look more Anglo than African.

And with the Asian mannequins they widen their eyes and make their face more angular.

Before you call me paranoid or overly sensitive, just observe. Mannequins are considered an object of desire and fantasy. And just like real like models, there is a strong Eurocentric influence on what is considered beautiful.

If you go to an Asian or African country today, the mannequins you see in the store window are overwhelming Anglo. They do not reflect the beauty of the population they are serving, but instead Anglo or as close to Anglo that you can get is considered beautiful. Just Saying.

find here:

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