This is Mercy Starzewski a huge favorite of mannequin collectors. Not quite sure what the fascination is about her, other than she resembles Gloria Swanson.

Maybe it is because of her dramatic poses. The one with her learning back was designed to have a Hadrian, a male mannequin from the Lover Boy series embracing her.

I don’t know why there is a cut out image of her with the male in the catalogue instead of her photos.

Here is a little more info about Mercy which I seemed to have overlooked in my previous posts highlighting the 100 Rootstein Mannequins owned by a private collector.

She is still modeling at age 56 -for a lingerie company no less-and you can see her here

In the photo below the pose with her hand to her neck is code LIF4, from High Life Series circa 1992. The pose with a 1″heel option are referred to originally as Life Style, however after a few poses were discontinued and catalogs were reissued the series became High Life and Life Style.

This Mercy was ordered originally for Dayton’s and featured in the prestigious Oval Room, at the flagship location. Note the Dayton’s flagship location can be seen in the opening credits of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

When Mary tosses her tam airborne, she is standing in front of the entrance to Dayton’s. There are a couple different camera angles of this screen/freeze frame, one clearly shows the Dayton’s script logo above the entrance.

Mercy styled in Moschino jacket and skirt, Ernesto Esposito shoes and vintage pearls.

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