This post is about the identification codes Rootstein stamped on their mannequins to identify which collection/series they belonged to.

I have attached a list of some of the most popular collections and their corresponding identification codes.

The codes are either etched directly in the metal part of the mannequins (shoulder fittings on the arm and torso, waist area) or have a label with code affixed to these parts.

If you have a mannequin with a lot of wear and tear , there is a good chance that the etching may no longer be legible and if there was a label it has fallen off.

On the hands, the code is either etched into the attachment stem or engraved on the inside rim of the waist.

Back in the day, the codes were either stamped on the hand or butt of the mannequin.

However this coding system is not 100% foolproof for determining which series your mannequin is from. Below is some backstory about the codes from a person who has over 100 Rootstein Mannequins.

He is the collector who provided me with the text and photos for this series. Outside of a former Rootstein employee or mannequin refinisher, there are not that many other people who have as much knowledge about the Rootstein coding system as he does.

Rootstein used letters and numbers to denote a series and a pose within a series. Sounds relatively simple, using 26 English alphabet letters and numerals 0 through 9.

But then the curve balls are: custom factory commissioned mannequins for specific retailers, designers, and the occasional collector. Some moulds were used in different series over years.

Occasionally some restoration companies filled in the impression marks. This also opens the possibility of a head change either original factory change for the original order or a retrofit by restoration. All off this can make looking at the codes of your mannequin inaccurate for identification.

Also sometimes Rootstein would reissue mannequins and slightly change the code as in the example below.

The photos show Rootstein mannequin head pose code G7 (early production) Calendar Girls Series, Marianna. Original catalog cover features G7 seated Marianna, the catalog page with Marianna sitting in barrel chair is the relaunch catalog. For the later production Calendar Girls Series the code for the seated Marianna would be GO7.

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