For the month of February I am going to feature my series on the African American mannequins that Rootstein produced.

This is Ross from the series Felix and Ross. As with most of the male mannequins that Rootstein made, there is not much information on the real life person.

Male models rarely became a household name (except Tyson Beckford) in the way that their female counterparts did.From time to time retailers applied make up and wigs to Ross to make him resemble Prince or Michael Jackson.

Here is Ross in our warehouse in Oakland. We got him from a Macy’s’s store, we bought this costume on online and sold him on Ebay.

If you want to buy a Rootstein mannequin, we frequently have used ones for sale here. You can also sign up to receive an email the next time we get more used Rootstein mannequins in stock or follow us on Facebook.


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