Most mannequins rarely look older than 25, unless they are a modeled after a famous celebrity. The couple below, who were married in real life are The Lewis’s.

They were part of the second Aristocrat series (see yesterday’s post for the first series) which featured a mature looking mannequin. They were known as a “woopy” – well off older person.

The male in the collection was Colonel Lewis and he has the distinction of being related to three women who are also
Rootstein Mannequins.

The lady in the green skirt is Mrs Lewis and the woman in the foreground is the daughter. Purportedly when Vicki Lewis Series was in sculpture/production, her mother Gloria, sister Suzanne and father were also sculptured. The timeline of that, was early 1970’s.

However people mistakenly believe the mannequin in the photo above are Mr and Mrs Lewis. But the woman is actually model January Dickson. Her make up is designed to give her a more mature look, but she still looks significantly younger than her male companion.

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