Here is another example of mannequins that were designed to be displayed couple embracing. This is my favorite couple as they look so romantic and dramatic. The other romantic couple is here but they weren’t used a frequently in window displays as this couple.

The photo below is a scene in the Rootstein showroom. The couple is supposed to mimic the Calvin Klein underwear ad with Marky Mark and Kate Moss. The mannequin hanging from the ceiling is Billie Blair

This is Chris Connolly original to Body Boys Series and Catherine Dyer original to Style for Places and Spaces Series, both were available in Classics Series

I’ve never personally seen the couple in a store window, only a few examples online. Part of the reason might be their pose takes up a lot of space. Plus reclining/sitting mannequins are more challenging to dress.

Los Angeles based visual merchandiser, Keith Dillion, used the couple in a window display for a florist for Valentine’s Day. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. He created the display many years ago, but it so timeless it could be used in a window display today.

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