For the month of May which is Asian American heritage month I am featuring the Asian mannequins that Rootstein produced. This is Junita Simon who is an Asian model originally from Singapore and was featured in the Attitude series.

Once I started researching Asian the mannequins that Rootstein made I wasn’t expecting to find so many of them. Every time I think I have featured all of them, someone tells me about one I left out, like Junita.

In the 20 years that I have been selling used Rootstein mannequins recycled from retail chains, I tend to see the same the Asian models over and over.

Ariane, Eimi and Sayoko are ones that I have seen frequently. While I never had a Tina Chow mannequin, I was aware of her existence.

Maybe my unawareness of the Asian mannequins is because certain girls are more are more popular in the overseas market than in the US.

Also the vast majority of the Asian models Rootstein made into mannequins had an Anglo parent. And often they dId not have distinctly Asian features nor were the real life versions of them referred to as Asian. So the few times when I had a Junita mannequin for sale, I didn’t realize she as Asian.

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