The California Mermaid Convention is back and whether you are attending in person or virtually we can help you design a custom headpiece to wear. Every queen/kween/god/goddess of the sea needs a crown!

The headpiece is one of the most important parts of the costume. There are only so many ways to make a mermaid/mermen tail and top look unique, but there are unlimited ways to make a unique looking headdress. See the examples below from what others have made in our headdress classes.

Plus a headpiece is an investment that you can wear for a long time – even if your weight fluctuates. And if you are going to another event where you don’t want to wear the entire mermaid/merman costume, just wearing the headdress by itself will make a statement.

Every Sunday (except over a holiday weekend) we host a 90 minute headdress making class in the showroom of Mannequin Madness in Oakland, Ca

We have a wide variety of shells, pearls, jewelry and foliage for you to create your design. And we have plenty of mannequin heads for you to use as a canvas.

Plus our instructor has lots of tips and tricks to help you design something amazing.  The class is 90 minutes and is $60. You can book here.

We want to give a shout out to an organization called Mermaid at Any Age cause we agree with them that mermaids and mermen come on all ages, sizes and races.

Here is a blurb from their website about what they stand for: Mermaid Tiva created Mermaid at Any Age in 2021 when she realized that there were thousands of people who loved mermaids, who may even wanted to be a mermaid, but did not see themselves represented. She wanted to create a space where information could be found, merfolk could be celebrated, and a way to support the world’s waters and their inhabitants could be created. Mermaids are timeless.

Women are especially targeted (or more aptly, left out) when they reach ‘a certain’ age, where if they aren’t married, don’t have children, are a little too whimsical, aren’t a Western-standard size, speak a little too loudly – and the list goes on- that they don’t get to enjoy life, that their contribution to society has stopped. Tiva wanted to change that narrative and was determined to make waves.


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