This is a reprint from Mi Padrino, event planning website to help parents and families organize, plan, and fund events celebrated in the Hispanic tradition. Personally I am not sure whether or not combining a wedding with a Dia de los Muertos is something people are doing. I liked the story for the headdress images.

One of Mexico’s brightest and colorful holidays is Día de los Muertos, a holiday in which friends and family come together and celebrate their loved ones who have passed. It’s a three-day celebration from October 31-November 2, that brings joy and amazing memories to many.

We have seen so many people inspired by this holiday, who are incorporating this theme into their Weddings, Quinces, and other events! It’s far from your typical party, but what better way to celebrate with your loved ones, while also remembering those who’ve passed.

Day of the Dead Wedding

Jade Min Photography created an amazing Day of the Dead inspired shoot. The amount of planning and detailing that went into this shoot, is beyond breathtaking. Jade Min incorporated a lot of the elements that truly reflect the culture behind Day of the Dead. Incorporating this sort of theme into your wedding or Quinceañera can really make a powerful statement and/or give it a special meaning: not only to yourself but others that will celebrate that day with you.

The Couple

Before we get any deeper into this, let’s take a minute to appreciate the lovely couple, Louise & Andrew.

Day of the Dead Wedding - Bride and Groom

The Bride

Day of the Dead Wedding - Bride

The overall look for this bride was absolutely stunning. This is not your typical white dress wedding. The black dress literally set the tone for this theme. Ladies, don’t be afraid to have a black wedding dress. It could be an amazing statement. Speaking of statements, the necklace is beautiful and does not take away from the overall look.

Day of the Dead Wedding - Headpiece

Wear a statement piece for your wedding. The makeup done by Tanya MUA is just amazing. You can see the smoky effect of black and maroon, that matches the overall theme perfectly.  Can we also talk about the face paint!? Instead of using black, which you will soon see on the bridesmaids, she used white. We absolutely love how this turned out!

Day of the Dead Wedding - Bride Attire

Now let’s get to the part that really sets the bride apart from everything else, the extraordinary headpiece, done by Batcakes Couture. Hairpieces, are essential to making your hairstyle pop. You ladies can choose from hair clips, headbands, tiaras, or hair flowers. For a Day of the Dead theme event though, we definitely recommend a flower headpiece like this. This is an incredible, dramatic statement, that will for sure catch everyone’s eye.

The Groom 

We love this classic look by the groom. It’s simple, not too much, and does not take away from his beautiful bride.  There’s a couple of things we would love to point out.

Day of the Dead Wedding - Groom

The bowtie, in our opinion, gives off the classic look we mentioned. It matches with the bride’s accessories, and with the pocket square. Swap out the bowtie for a regular tie if you want! They both give off different vibes, so pick whatever suits your style.

Another thing to consider when having a Day of the Dead theme is to use a cempazuchitl flower, or a marigold, in your boutonnieres. This element by itself means a lot in the Day of the Dead traditions, which we discuss later.  The boutonniere should also play a role in complementing the bouquet, which we see throughout these pictures.

Day of the Dead Wedding - Groom Makeup

Sometimes all it takes to make a groom’s outfit, is to accessorize a little extra. Typically the neck-wear and boutonnier is the only “fashion statement” that the grooms make. Add a hat, and it could completely change or complete the look. Don’t be scared to do things outside of the norm!

The Bridesmaids

Day of the Dead Wedding - Bridesmaids
Day of the Dead Wedding - Bridesmaids Dress and Makeup

For this amazing Day of the Dead themed wedding, the couple had four beautiful bridesmaids, all coordinating, with slightly different looks.  The bridesmaids’ dresses are pretty easy to replicate if you like the look! They all had the dark, red skirts, which can be easily made out of tulle material, (think of any of your madrinas out there that know how to use a sewing machine.) The tops on all the bridesmaids were different, but with similar lace material. The combination of black and white tops was a really great choice.

Channeling Frida Kahlo is essential for Day of the Dead themed events. She has become an integral part of this culture and festivities.  Big floral headpieces are a really great choice. We love how these gorgeous headpieces match their bouquets!


Day of the Dead Wedding Invitations

Set the tone with colorful invites and black envelopes! Add floral designs and use elegant fonts. Lauren Yvonne Design did a fantastic job at designing these invites.

These definitely will help your guests visualize what to expect for the wedding. We also love the skull sticker that sealed the invites!

Cake & Cookies

Day of the Dead Wedding Cake

For a Day of the Theme Wedding or Quince, the bold colors and decorative elements can seem a bit overwhelming for some.

We think the simple black fondant covered cake, did a terrific job at letting all these meaningful elements really play a huge part. The flowers, again, matched the overall theme. Play around with different colored flowers; you don’t have to worry much about a color scheme, seeing that Day of the Dead is all about the bold, bright colors. This is nothing at all like people normally view death, but is one of our favorite parts of our culture.

Day of the Dead Wedding Cookies

Having the cookies as skull also allowed for them to be the perfect decor! Amour de Sucre blew us away with all the detailing on the cookies.

Day of the Dead Wedding - Skull Cookies

Flower Arrangements

Day of the Dead Wedding Flowers

An essential part of this a Día de los Muertos wedding celebration is the incorporation of Marigolds, AKA Cempazuchitl. These flowers have a very distinct smell and are important to the culture because many believe that they lead the spirits to their altars.

Bold and Bright flowers are also a must. You can play around with different types of flowers. Try using your favorites and in-season flowers. Arizona Florations did an incredible job combining the different colors and types of flowers. Not sure what’s in season? Check out our Frugal Flower Guide!

Day of the Dead Wedding - Flower Headpiece

Table Decor

Day of the Dead Wedding - Table Decorations

From the papel picado, to the skulls, to the marigolds, to everything else, they got everything on point that you would typically see in an altar. We love the deep burgundy chiffon colored table. It made the dark-colored silverware and candle holders really pop! We also love the contrast between the reds and burgundy colors. The red candles really bring everything together.

Overall, don’t be afraid to use bold colors! You can see throughout these wedding pictures that there’s no specific color theme, but everything really looks great together. Incorporate the important elements such as marigolds, skulls, papel picado, and bold colors. This is your day, that you get to celebrate with loved ones and maybe honor someone that couldn’t be there that day.

Day of the Dead Wedding Decoration
Dia de los Muertos Wedding - Bridge and Groom

This is a beautiful, unique theme that carries a lot of meaning and culture! If you want to learn more about Day of the Dead, read on here! 

Thanks to all the vendors that made this possible!

Coordinator, Photographer & Wardrobe:
Hair and Makeup:
Wedding Cake & Skull Cookies:
Skull French Macarons:
Bride’s Rose Crown Headpiece:

Dia de los Muertos Wedding Party

Bonus pic! Look how beautiful! 😉


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