This photo epitomizes the excitement that most brides feel as the big day approaches.

She’s in a hotel room by herself, with her gown displayed on a mannequin, and balloons reminding her that she’s about to have one of the biggest life changes ever.  A dress form is the perfect way to display your wedding gown before the big day.  Below are other ways to use the dress form.

This bride used a mannequin torso to display photographs of the loving couple – herself and the groom-to-be. It fits practically anywhere – at a shower, a family dinner, the reception, etc.  This is especially welcomed if many of the wedding guests are only familiar with one half of the couple. I’m feeling warm and fuzzy already

The bride above and the next two brides used dress forms to display the wedding gowns of brides in their family.   Along with  photographsand memorabilia it is a touching way to honor ancestors who came before.

And if your mother always wanted you to wear HER wedding gown at your wedding, this is a way to appease her without wearing the gown.

And this bride appears to have her wedding gown on display in her home prior to the wedding.

For more ideas on how mannequin dress forms are used at weddings visit this board on Pinterest.  And if you need to buy a dress form we sell new and secondhand ones at Mannequin And if you are in the SF Bay Area we also have them for rent.


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