With the proper wiring hardware a full body mannequin (with or without a head) can be upcycled into an attention-grabbing floor lamp. Here are a few examples to show you how exciting they can be. We hope you’ll be inspired to consider making one for yourself.

These are from our Pinterest board where we scour the internet for the best DIY projects made with mannequins.

1 Let’s start with seated mannequins – “his” and “her” mannequins. The seated male with an oversized gold lampshade conveys the height of masculinity…perfect for a bachelor pad.

2 The seated female mannequin, along with her open “frilly” lampshade, evokes a more feminine vibe…ideal for a lady’s bedroom or vanity area.

3 Now, this sleek full body standing mannequin was wrapped with LED string lights to create a modern, abstract look. We’d love to have her greet us in the front entry.

4 A standing mannequin lamp brings extra power to a room, as if there is “someone” there. These three lamps convey different moods…

This black female standing mannequin has been painted with an elaborate gold design, creating a great contrast. We’re not sure if the creator meant it to be displayed from the back side or whether this is the side from which it was photographed, we love the idea of seeing the design from this perspective.

Credit: artmajeur.com, Pinterest

In contrast, this Pop Art lamp made from a standing male mannequin reminds us of Andy Warhol’s artistic style. The specific cartoon art likely has significance for the creator.

Credit: andrekamphuis.nl, Pinterest

And, in this third standing mannequin, the creator has gone luxe all the way.  A red lampshade is a wonderful topper for the glittered female body and her bowtie. She’s inviting guests into the space in a fascinating way.

Credit: luxxu.net, Pinterest

And, to close out this blog piece, we’re showing off this full body mannequin lamp created by the company Mackenzie Childs. We wouldn’t expect the average crafter to duplicate this lamp, but this is to inspire you to think bigger. What if you could create a statement lamp like this one for your home?

You’ll find more examples of full body and other mannequin lamps on our Pinterest board here.  We have new and used mannequins for sale at Mannequin Madness for you to use as your canvas to make your own lamp. Use the code MMBLOG to get 10% off your order