Many of our customers who purchase our used mannequins are buying them for art projects, especially mosaic. Actually the whole reason I am in the mannequin industry is because I was looking for a mannequin to mosaic and put in my garden and I ended up buying 50 mannequins on Craigslist. (That is a whole different story)

We created a board on Pinterest devoted to mosaic art on mannequins and here are some of our favorites.

Let’s start with mannequin heads.

This colorful head offers multiple layers of beads to create a dynamic mosaic head.


This mosaic head features cut glass pieces in brilliant colors.


This golden child uses chains, beads, and other golden materials.

Source: 1stDibs 

Even a mannequin butt gets the mosaic art treatment.


Mannequin torsos with or without a head are popular bases for mosaics. This piece —  in mostly black and white mosaics – conveys a mysterious vibe…

Source: Alison Turner Mosaics

…while this piece is bright, colorful, with a playful vibe…


Imagine bright, silver keys used to create a mosaic torso…

Source: Niso Maman

…or blue porcelain pieces of China…

Source: Porcelain Dress by Li Xiaofeng, Pinterest

“She” looks like a Thai goddess embellished in pink ceramic…


And, finally, these two mannequins covered, in golden tiles, look like his-and-her Academy Awards for a new age.

Source: istolethetv, Pinterest

You can find more examples of mannequin mosaic art here. If you wish to try making your own mosaic piece, we sell a variety of used mannequins, torsos, and parts a discount prices. Use the code MM blog to get 10% off.


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