Mannequins & Retail Displays


Mannequins are so ubiquitous it’s easy to downplay their visual impact. That is, until something changes.

Mannequins have historically gone through trend cycles, according to experts. But they are in the midst of a very important evolution.

For years, they were seen as simply a way to display fashion apparel at its best, or as part of a larger merchandising strategy. Yet, mannequins aren’t simply a method of placing clothing on display. Retailers are beginning to recognize that body forms can help customers see themselves reflected in their brand and drive deep loyalty. Mannequins, it seems, can be a way for a company to reiterate brand values.

Mannequin arms can be used for displaying purses in both retail window displays and in your home. Here are some of our favorites from our Pinterest board on this subject.

The window display above says it all. What woman doesn’t enjoy that orgasmic feeling of seeing a purse for the first time and saying, in her head or out loud: “Love it!” The pleasure of seeing it, touching it, picking it up as if she owned it cannot be easily measured but the window displayer knew exactly how to capture that feeling. The mannequin arms touch the bag and express the feeling simultaneously.

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