DIY Projects with Mannequins


Inarguably the purpose of a department store mannequin is to draw attention to the clothing that it is wearing but this doesn’t mean that the mannequin itself can’t be visually interesting. One way that a New York department store is trying to garner attention is by giving their mannequins tattoos.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal Bergdorf Goodman has been giving their male mannequins a gruff makeover. In addition to adding tattoos to the fiberglass models the store has also been giving them some lifelike features including stubble and wrinkles.

The 10 most Beautiful Dress Form Christmas Trees on a Wire Dress form

Most dress form Christmas trees are designed on a cloth covered dress form. But wire dress forms are gaining in popularity. At Mannequin Madness we sell both which you can find Here.

We created a Dress Form Christmas Tree Board on Pinterest with images of dress form trees around the world divided by category. One of the boards is for wire dress forms and these are our top 10 favorites. You can see more the rest Here

1. This was the first example of a dress form Christmas tree that I ever saw on a wire dress form. I love it because it looks like it is really wearing a “dress” and I love the addition of the jewel tone stones around the neck and on the belt.

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