Where to Buy Used Rootstein Mannequins?

Now that more retailers are using headless and egghead mannequins in their stores, it is harder to find quality realistic mannequins, especially those made by Rootstein. Rootstein mannequins are coveted by mannequin collectors from all over the world because of their craftsmanship, durability and hot poses like this one:  

A new Rootstein realistic mannequin can cost upwards of $1,500. But it you are patient and savvy you can find a used one at a fraction of that price.

Mannequin Madness is one the largest mannequin recycling companies in the US. We work with all the major retail chains and museums to recycle their mannequins when they close, consolidate or remodel.

Periodically we get a truckload of used Rootstein mannequins. When we do, some of our customers find out about it BEFORE we post them on our website for sale. They get first pick and they purchase all the really in demand mannequins before we notify the general public.

If you want to be in our “first to know” group, here is how:

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We post the photos of our new arrivals on those social media sites first. Next we email an alert to everyone on our Rootstein collector list. Sign up to be on the list below. Then we post them on our website used Used Rootstein Mannequins. We have a separate section where we have Used Rootstein Parts but this section is depleting quickly.

Other resources for Used Rootstein mannequins is the Vintage Mannequins Facebook Group. This group has mannequin collectors from all over the world and is a great resource for information and all the leading mannequin brands. Another resource with used Rootstein mannequins is Modern Mannequin in Houston.

Sign up using  below link to receive an email the next time we get more Rootstein’s in stock.

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