There are 3 different ways that a mannequin can attach to its base  – and there are pros and cons of each one. Here are some pointers for you to consider when purchasing a mannequin. 

Foot Flange – there is a hole in the foot of the mannequin which fits over a rod protruding from the base. It is very easy to take the mannequin and off the base with a foot flange. Of course the disadvantage of a foot flange is you cannot display shoes or hosiery without putting a hole in the shoe or stocking!

Usually when people buy this type of mannequin they display the mannequin in their “bare feet”. However some mannequins come with shoes that are already formed on their feet.

If you are trying to find a replacement stand for your mannequin because the original got broken or lost, the foot flange is the easiest to find or have custom made. Our company sells them and they are made of metal so they are extra durable.

Calf/Ankle Rod: there is a short, upright bar that extends up from the base and inserts into the fitting above the mannequin’s ankle or calf. This will enable you to display shoes on the mannequin and at the same time the rod is not so intrusive as to interfere with displaying pants on it. 

If the mannequin is moved repeatedly on and off this type of stand, the area around the calf or ankle can develop hairline cracks which can eventually lead to a weakening of the leg or even worse, breakage.

Butt Rod: there is a square or round metal rod which extends up, usually at an angle from the base and fits into an opening on the mannequin’s butt or upper thigh.  This used to be the standard way that mannequins were attached to their base.

To display pants on this type of mannequin you will have to open up the seams – a huge disadvantage of this style. But you can display shoes on this mannequin without putting a hole in the shoe.

Mannequin bases are either made of a commercial glass, (very contemporary looking but breakable), Plexiglas (very functional but can get easily scratched) or metal (very durable but can be heavy which could be an issue if you plan on taking the mannequin to a trade-show).


For some reason most glass and Plexiglas bases are round and metal bases are square or rectangular. If you are using the mannequin to display clothing online the shape of the base probably does not matter. But if you will be using the mannequin in a retail store, the shape of the base could impact how much space you need to allocate on the floor or store window.